Typescript: The Complete Developer's Guide [2021]

Typescript: The Complete Developer’s Guide [2021]

Master Typescript by learning popular design patterns and building complex projects. Includes React and Express!

Created by Stephen Grider | 24.5 hours on-demand video course

This is the best course online for mastering Typescript. Every other course online teaches you the basic syntax and features of Typescript, but only this course will show you how to apply Typescript on real projects, instructing you how to build large, successful projects through example. Typescript is a ‘super-set’ of Javascript. That means that if you already know Javascript, you are ready to take this course. Typescript adds in several important features to Javascript, including a type system. Mastering Typescript by reading the documentation alone is challenging.

What you’ll learn

  • Master design patterns for building large applications
  • Integrate Typescript into React/Redux or Express projects
  • Understand Composition vs Inheritance, and when to use each
  • Write reusable code powered by classes and interfaces
  • Assemble reusable boilerplates for your own Typescript projects

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