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Redis: The Complete Developer’s Guide

Master Redis v7.0 with hands-on exercises. Includes Modules, Scripting, Concurrency, and Streams!

Created by Stephen Grider | 15.5 hours on-demand video course

In a world with hundreds of different databases, one database rises to rule them all. Redis is an in-memory database known for its speed and simplicity. Originally used only for simple caching, its feature set has expanded to be one of the most versatile databases around. This course will teach you everything you need to know to integrate Redis into a new or existing project. Get hands-on experience with commands used to add, update, and query data. Apply best practices and numerous design patterns by adding Redis to an E-Commerce app. Understand and extend the internals of Redis by using modules and scripts. Go beyond Redis with a deep look at fundamental concurrency issues and solutions

What you’ll learn

  • Use Redis as an incredibly fast database for a backend application
  • Extend the functionality of Redis by using custom scripts and modules
  • Add, update, and query your data using simple and flexible commands
  • Get hands-on experience by adding Redis to a complex E-Commerce project
  • Handle concurrency issues by using powerful synchronization primitives
  • Utilize data streams to add durable communication between servers
  • Host your Redis database in AWS, GCP, or Azure using Redis Cloud
  • Analyze and balance the tradeoffs of Redis’s different data structures

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