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Introduction To 3D Sculpting In Blender – Model A Dragon

Every step of creating your own Dragon in Blender; blocking, modelling, sculpting, rigging, painting, lighting.

Created by GameDev.tv Team, Grant Abbitt, Rick Davidson | 7 hours on-demand video course

Ready to make the mother of all Dragons? In this course, you’ll create your own awesome dragon from start to finish. The course is created at a “real time” pace, allowing you to follow along and create your dragon at the same time as the instructors without needing to stop and start the video. Nothing is skipped or speeded up, so you get to see the entire workflow.

You also get two, yes two, instructors! Working together, they discuss every step of the process and dig deep into why production artists make certain decisions. These valuable insights will be extremely useful for future projects you undertake.

The course covers blocking out, sculpting, brushes, automatic retopology, textures, painting, lighting and all the steps in between. You’ll learn to rig and pose your dragon to create an impressive final render. And, you’ll create a high poly model to make a great looking game-ready asset.

What you’ll learn

  • The fundamentals of sculpting creatures
  • The workflow behind making characters for games, animations or film
  • How to use sculpting brushes
  • How to quickly texture, rig and pose a creature

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