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SQL & PostgreSQL for Beginners: Become an SQL Expert

SQL & PostgreSQL Tutorial: Become an Expert in SQL and PostgreSQL by Writing SQL Queries using PostgreSQL and PgAdmin 4.

Created by Jon Avis -SQL Instructor | 9 hours on-demand video course

Become an expert in SQL and PostgreSQL with this bestselling course! SQL is one of the most in-demand tech skills across many industries so learning SQL is one of the best ways to boost your career! After taking this course you will be comfortable putting SQL and PostgreSQL on your resume/CV.

In the age of Big Data and Data Analysis, demand for employees with SQL skills has never been higher and will only increase in the future. Stand out from the crowd and learn SQL today. PostgreSQL is the World’s most advanced open source relational database. It has a strong reputation for its reliability, data integrity and robustness. Because of this, PostgreSQL is one of the most popular and widely used database systems in the world. Companies who use PostgreSQL include Apple, Cisco, Spotify, Fujitsu, Skype, Netflix and IMDb.

What you’ll learn

  • How to create a database from scratch.
  • Use SQL to perform data analysis.
  • Perform complex SQL queries using joins and subqueries.
  • Understand database concepts such as database relationships.
  • Confident putting SQL and PostgreSQL on your resume.

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