Learn GIT In depth with BitBucket- Practical work flows Udemy coupons

Learn GIT In depth with BitBucket- Practical work flows

Learn smart ways of using GIT & Bitbucket with many advanced Commands – commit,merge,squash,rebase,bisect,cherrypick etc

Created by Rahul Shetty, Automation Academy by Rahul Shetty | 6.5 hours on-demand video course

This is the one Single Course where you will learn everything about GIT from basics to advanced with many complex workflows. Bitbucket is most used remote GIT repository in many companies and this course will give you complete knowledge on building pipelines, creating Pull requests and Jira integration. Every command in GIT has in depth explanation with real time usage so that you know when to use what command while managing the code in you GIT repositories. In this course we’ll find answers to many advance Work flow Apart from above commands, this course also covers how to create/review/approve/decline Pull requests in the Bit Bucket so that one can understand end to end flow of working with GIT in the projects.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand GIT Core concepts& Commands in depth
  • Understand how GIT and Bit bucket works together to create Strong Version control System
  • Deep dive into GIT Advanced workflows with real time examples from Clone to push with merge conflicts
  • Learn Tricky GIT commands like, rebase, Squash, Cherry pick, amend, bisect, revert , reset etc
  • Understand How to Integrate GIT Bitbucket with Jira to have all Project management at one place
  • Implement Bitbucket pipelines to check the Code after every GIT Commits and Pull requests

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