Playwright JS Automation Testing from Scratch with Framework Udemy coupons

Playwright JS Automation Testing from Scratch with Framework

Playwright -Modern Testing tool for reliable Web Automation. Support API calls with in UI tests for Smarter Automation.

Created by Rahul Shetty | 14 hours on-demand video course

PLAYWRIGHT – The Most trending Automation tool which is an tough competitor to Selenium & Cypress
This is one and only Comprehensive Playwright course available online which covers everything from basics to Framework including JavaScript basics. 10 reasons why Playwright can be future of UI Automation. Playwright enables reliable end-to-end testing for modern web apps with its Auto-wait capability

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the Web Automation with Playwright on Live Applications
  • Comprehensive knowledge on all Playwright Methods and their usage with examples
  • Learn How to make API calls with in UI Automation tests to perform smart automation
  • Understand how to Intercept Network/API requests & responses with Playwright
  • Get Familiar with Playwright Inspector tool, Trace Viewer & Code Gen (Record Playback) tools
  • Develop End to end Framework with Playwright utilizing all the features available in the tool
  • Learn Visual testing with Playwright to compare the Images
  • Learn JavaScript fundamentals required for Playwright Automation testing

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