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Introduction to Kafka with Spring Boot

Learn how to integrate with the Kafka messaging broker using Spring Boot 3 and Spring Kafka

Created by John Thompson, Dan Edwards, Rob Golder, Rob Hemmings | 5.5 hours on-demand video course

This course is for all things Kafka, Java, Spring and Spring Boot! This course will take you as a developer who knows just the basics on Spring Boot and Java to being able to develop a fully functional, fully tested, application that connects with the Kafka messaging broker in order to send and receive messages. In fact with our comprehensive code walkthroughs that start from scratch in writing our Spring Boot application you would be able to put together the application with no previous Spring Boot experience!

This course has been developed by a team of highly experienced Java Software Engineers and Kafka consultants working closely with John Thompson, the Spring Framework Guru – we understand what a developer needs from such a course – it has been designed with the Java developer in mind to be able to gain the most from it.

All the code that we walk through is available in the included git repositories for you to use as a starting point for your work, or for you to fork and extend as you begin to explore Kafka further. Along the way there are assignments enabling you to put in practice what you have been learning, to build out a fully rounded microservices architecture. We have accompanying articles on many of the Kafka concepts covered in the course – these go into greater depth providing you the opportunity to continue your learning and gain an advanced understanding on these areas.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn what Kafka is and how it works
  • How to install and run Kafka locally
  • Create a Spring Boot application that integrates with Kafka
  • Use Spring Kafka to consume and produce messages
  • Cover the important Spring and Spring Kafka annotations
  • Write Spring Boot integration tests with the embedded Kafka broker
  • Learn how to retry failed Kafka messages
  • Route messages that cannot be processed to dead letter topics
  • How to configure your Kafka Spring Beans
  • Serialize and deserialize messages in different formats, including Strings and JSON
  • How to use Wiremock to trigger failure scenarios that we can test
  • Learn all the core Kafka messaging concepts including messages, topics, partitions and keys
  • Use command line tools to send and receive messages and query the broker state
  • Learn about consumer groups, rebalancing, and consumer failover
  • Understand the role of consumer offsets
  • Learn the key differences between the main messaging brokers
  • Understand why Zookeeper is being replaced with KRaft

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