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Go Bootcamp: Master Golang with 1000+ Exercises and Projects

Master and Deeply Understand Google’s Go from Scratch with Illustrated In-Depth Tutorials & 1000+ Hands-On Exercises.

Created by Jose Portilla, Inanc Gumus | 23 hours on-demand video course

Go is a programming language created by Google, and this course is the most intuitive, in-depth, and highest-quality Go course on Udemy, with an insane level of attention to detail. You’ll understand both the why and how. We’ve included thousands of animations, exercises, quizzes, examples, challenges, projects, and so on. By the end of the course, you’ll become a confident Go programmer from scratch.

Why should you take this course now?

  1. Watch ultra-detailed, entertaining, intuitive, and easy to understand illustrations and animations.
  2. Solve 1000+ hands-on exercises (solutions are also included).
  3. Create projects including a log parser, file scanner, spam masker, and more.
  4. Learn Go programming tips and tricks that you can’t find easily anywhere else.
  5. Learn the Go internals and common Go idioms and best-practices.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn from a Go Contributor
  • Learn Go Tips & Tricks that you can’t find easily anywhere else
  • Go from a total Go beginner to a confident Go programmer
  • Practice Go with 1000+ Exercises (with included solutions)
  • Understand Go In-Depth with Animated Illustrations (Pass Interviews)
  • Learn the Go internals and common Go idioms and best-practices
  • Create a Log File Parser that parses log files
  • Create a Spam Masker that masks spammy words within a block of text
  • Create a command-line Retro Led Clock that shows time
  • Create Console Animations, Dictionary Programs, and more

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