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Terraform on Google Cloud: Learn Infrastructure as Code

Discover the power of Terraform on the Google Cloud Platform to launch infrastructure from a script of code!

Created by Jose Portilla, Vineet Agarwal | 9 hours of video course

Welcome to the best online resource to learn how to leverage the power of Terraform on Google Cloud to create infrastructure using scripts of code! This course will guide you into discovering how to automate complex cloud infrastructure on GCP by simply creating files using HashiCorp’s Terraform, which will then create a set of instructions to automatically launch your Google Cloud infrastructure services.

Cloud Architects often need to spend time setting up and configuring infrastructure services for teams, including repetitive tasks for duplicate infrastructure designs. Terraform allows for cloud users to save time by leveraging infrastructure as code, allowing developers to create scripts that automatically create cloud resources and infrastructure.

This course is taught by a Terraform expert: Vineet Argawal, who currently works at Google Cloud! Vineet will show you how to use Terraform in real world situations, with plenty of examples drawn from his own experiences as a Cloud Architect at McKinsey and his expertise in working at Google Cloud. This course will teach you everything you need to understand the motivations behind using Terraform and how its used in the real world. This course also comes with projects developed by Vineet that reflect real world consulting situations he has developed to quickly spin up infrastructure modules using Terraform infrastructure as code.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand infrastructure as code (IAC)
  • Create cloud infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform with Terraform
  • Learn how to use Terraform State Commands
  • Discover how to use repeatable Terraform Modules
  • Learn to write Terraform scripts to provision GCP Resources
  • Understand Google’s best practices for Terraform

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