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Blender Material Nodes Master: Create Procedural 3D Textures

Create your own customisable procedural materials & spectacular textures for any Blender project.

Created by GameDev.tv Team, Stephen Woods | 14.5 hours on-demand video course

Learn how to create any material from scratch using nodes in Blender! You’ll create many different textures, from beginner to advanced level (including mud shader, wood shader and brick shader). Along the way you’ll learn a lot of advanced techniques that you can then use to make any materials you can think of. All the while we’ll be showing you how to make your workflow more efficient and much faster, using the node wrangler add-on.

You’ll learn procedural texturing, which is where you create your materials and shaders without using any image based textures. So anytime you need a particular pattern or look you’ll create it entirely using nodes (and some interesting maths!).

This means you don’t need to worry about sourcing images or copyright issues. It also means that anytime you want to create a roughness map, or a bump map, or a normal map, you can do it right in the node editor without having to worry about figuring a way to convert your images into those other types of maps. You can also use procedural textures to create roughness maps or dirt maps to put on your own image based textures.​ This course is suitable for all levels of Blender users.

What you’ll learn

  • Create procedural shaders using the node editor.
  • Use the Node Wrangler add-on to speed up your workflow.
  • Learn the optimal way to frame, colour code and re-arrange your node trees for readability.
  • Manipulate vectors, process values and colours, and generate complex procedural textures.
  • Create custom utility nodes to speed up your workflow.
  • Build a working knowledge of Blender’s complex node-based shading environment.
  • Understand how vectors are used to place textures and values across an object.

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