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Apache Airflow: The Operators Guide

Step up with Apache Airflow! Master Airflow Operators and create incredible data pipelines!

Created by Marc Lamberti | 7 hours on-demand video course

Apache Airflow has more than 700 Operators and 70 tools it can interact with. It’s huge! ? Operators are tasks in your data pipeline. They are important as they correspond to the actions of your data pipeline, to the different steps to produce the output you want. Now, Do you know well the Airflow’s operators? Do you want to create reliable data pipelines? Are you looking for best practices around Operators? If yes, you’ve come to the right place! With the course Apache Airflow: The Operators Guide, will be able to Version your DAGs, Retry your tasks properly, Create dependencies between your tasks and even your DAG Runs, Demystifies the owner parameter, Take actions if a task fails, Choose the right way to create DAG dependencies, Execute a task only in a specific interval of time, Group your tasks to make your DAG cleaner (not with SubDAG), Trigger your DAG based on a Calendar and much more!

What you’ll learn

  • Master Apache Airflow Operators
  • How to version your DAGs
  • How to create DAG dependencies efficiently
  • How to trigger your DAGs on specific days
  • Create Incredible Data Pipelines by truly understanding Airflow operators

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