Weather App with Vue JS & Quasar (for Mobile, Desktop & Web) Udemy coupons

Weather App with Vue JS & Quasar (for Mobile, Desktop & Web)

Use Vue JS to create a Beautiful Weather App for Web, iOS, Android, Mac & Windows – with Quasar, using a Single Codebase

Created by Danny Connell | 1.5 hours on-demand video course

In this short course, I’ll show you how to use Vue JS (and Quasar Framework) to create a gorgeous Weather App from scratch – and get it running and working on 5 different platforms – Web, iOS, Android, Mac & Windows. In this app we can get the user’s location and display the weather where they are (using the OpenWeatherMap API) all within a beautifully designed layout. We can also search for a location using the Search Bar. We’ll create beautiful Icons & Splashscreens for all the different devices. We’ll setup Simulators for testing on Android & iOS And setup a Virtual Machine using Virtualbox for testing on Windows. We’ll even get the app running on Real iOS & Android devices. If you want a quick introduction to creating Cross-Platform Apps using Vue JS, then this is the course for you.

What you’ll learn

  • How to create a beautiful, cross-platform weather app for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows & Web using Vue JS & Quasar Framework
  • How to get the user’s location on all devices
  • How to create Icons & Splashscreens for all devices
  • How to launch the app for development on Mac, Windows, iOS & Android
  • How to setup simulators for iOS & Android
  • How to debug your app on all platforms
  • How to launch & debug the app on Real iOS & Android devices
  • A quick introduction to creating Cross-Platform apps with Vue JS & Quasar Framework

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