Ultimate character creation in Blender From beginner to pro Udemy coupons

Ultimate character creation in Blender: From beginner to pro

The complete guide on how to model, texture and rig professional 3D characters with Blender!

Created by Monica Chaves Trochez | 31 hours on-demand video course

Welcome to the “Ultimate character creation in Blender: From beginner to pro”. In this course we will be using the open-source 3D software, Blender, to learn how to model, texture and rig 3D characters with a professional look.

What you’ll learn

  • How to navigate in Blender and recognize the workspace.
  • Be able to identify the different 3D modeling techniques.
  • How to place reference images which will serve as a guide to model 3D characters.
  • Use the box modeling technique to create a hard surface character with primitive shapes.
  • Use the polygon modeling technique to create a simple organic character.
  • How to use modifiers that will affect an object’s geometry in a non-destructive way.
  • How to model a professional looking human character with the polygon modeling technique and the curves modeling method.
  • Create and assign materials to the model.
  • Understand how to unwrap a 3D mesh into a UV map.
  • How to organize and export a UV layout to later use it as a guide for painting textures.
  • Recognize how to use the shader editor and identify certain nodes.
  • Apply texture images and PBR maps in order to create different materials.
  • Generate procedural textures combining nodes to compose new shaders.
  • Modify the 3D mesh with shape keys in order to give facial expressions to the character.
  • Develop a rig (add bones) which will allow the character to move.
  • Use drivers to adjust the values of the shape keys and give some constraints to the bone controllers.
  • Identify the difference between forward kinematics and inverse kinematics.
  • Design shapes to make the control bones more appealing and intuitive.
  • How to assign automatic weights to the mesh and how to manually paint weights.
  • Be able to pose and animate the character once the rig is finished.

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