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The Ultimate Guide to Blender 3D Rigging & Animation

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The Ultimate Guide to Blender 3D Rigging & Animation Udemy Coupons

The Ultimate Guide to Blender 3D Rigging & Animation

Tank tracks to characters Learn how to 3D animate and rig anything in this massive 17 part Ultimate Blender guide.

Created by 3D Tutor | 8 hours on-demand video course

‘The Ultimate Guide to Blender 3D Rigging and Animation’ is very different to any other Blender course out there! Most Blender courses show you 3D modelling, texturing, and rendering tips and tricks. ‘The Ultimate Guide to Blender 3D Rigging and Animation’ focuses on creating a variety of animations from basic, to intermediate, to advanced, all completely made in Blender – one of the top open-source and free 3D modeling software out there.

We will not be using any other software to animate all that you see in the thumbnail, except Blender. You will also learn about multiple armatures, walk cycles, and turntables, and as an added plus, you will learn about how to animate a full scene reminiscent of adventure films with different deadly traps.

This is great because it means you will get to see how we animate organic and inanimate objects from scratch for video games. I am sure ‘The Ultimate Guide to Blender 3D Rigging and Animation’ will be the one course that you will want to keep handy anytime you need animate an asset.

What you’ll learn

  • Creating 15 different animation projects including but not limited to grass, wheels, trees, fish, tank tracks, fire, light, and clouds, and adventure trapst
  • Learning how to animate tank tracks so that they stick to any type of terrain
  • Mastering the art of character rigging and animating walk cycles
  • Finding how to make moths move around a light source using Blender’s particle boid system
  • Enjoying a full introduction to animating in Blender with 16 animation projects of increasing difficulty
  • Using Blender 3 and understanding its new interface and shortcuts
  • Completing an introduction to the basics of animation in Blender and learning how to animate with nothing but key frames
  • Creating create handles and drivers to have your tank tracks move realistically
  • Maximising the benefits of animated textures to create flames and fire streams
  • Smoothing out animations with interpolation modes
  • Building rigs with single and multiple bones
  • Mastering the art of weighting bones for 3D animation
  • Changing the shape of objects with multiple shape keys
  • Animating wildlife and morphing objects (i.e., taking one object and turning it into another over a set number of keyframes)
  • Creating a stylized smoke effect using Blender’s particle system
  • Graduating to working on more complex animation techniques such as inverse Kinematics, and animating a large scene
  • Using Blender’s camera animation options to create a simple but effective camera turntable setup
  • Utilising rendering to improve the quality of presentation for your 3D animations by rendering out in Eevee and Cycles
  • Presenting your animations in 16 different prepared environments (provided in the course resources)
  • Complete the course which is going to be the first steppingstone to creating different 3D animations for future and existing projects

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Josh Smith
Josh Smith

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