Talend Advanced for Big Data, Cloud and Database integration Udemy coupons

Talend Advanced for Big Data, Cloud and Database integration

Deep dive Talend Tutorial with Talend Open Studio for Big Data, Cloud, ELT, SCD, Java, Amazon, Performance, Kafka

Created by Samuel Lenk | Certified Talend Developer & Java/SQL/Data Developer | 8 hours of video course

You already know the basics of data integration and ETL. But that’s not enough for you. Here’s where you deepen your knowledge in this area with Talend. This way you will have a steep learning curve. The course on advanced Talend topics is extremely hands-on. From start to finish, you can work on your own. Each video is accompanied by the corresponding example. You import the complete course project into your environment at the beginning. This ensures that you can always compare your own jobs designs with a sample solution.

The range of advanced topics is wide, but well structured in the best possible way for you. Among other things, the following points await you:

  • use Big Data and Cloud components to connect to Amazon S3, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka
  • design ELT processes and know the difference to ETL
  • build Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD) to historize data
  • call stored procedures on a database from Talend
  • use memory components like tBufferInput and tHashOutput
  • deepen your knowledge of converting data types
  • get started with Java code in Talend
  • learn if-conditions with their abbreviated notation
  • learn to avoid NullPointerExceptions
  • convert strings in many forms easily
  • include your own code via routines
  • use Java components like tJava, tJavaRow and tJavaFlex
  • add external components to Talend
  • learn how to load and use external libraries
  • access other sources, such as FTP, eMail, etc.

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