Statistics for Data Science, Data and Business Analysis 2023 Udemy Coupon

Statistics for Data Science, Data and Business Analysis 2023

Master Statistics for Data Science, Probability and Statistics, and excel in careers of Data Science & Business Analysis

Created by Kashif A., Abdullah A. | 5 hours on-demand video course

Are you seeking a career in Business Analytics, Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, or you want to learn Probability and Statistics for Data Science? Then you really need a solid background in Statistics. This is the perfect course for you! Learning Statistics can be challenging, if you are not in a university setting. But with this course, you take a university-level Statistics course at your convenience, that will equip you with ALL the FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS critically important in Probability and Statistics, Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the fundamentals of Statistics
  • Learn how to organize and display different types of Data
  • Interpret and Draw Histograms, Pie Charts, Stem-and-Leaf Displays, Box Plots and much more!
  • Understand Average, Mode, Median, Standard Deviation and Variance
  • Understand Z-Scores and their usage
  • Take informed business decisions based on insights from Data.
  • Build a strong foundation for a career in R, Python and Data Science

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Learning that lasts. Online courses from $14.99.