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Rust Programming – The Complete Guide

Become an expert in Rust edition 2022!

Created by Tyler Weekly | 6 hours on-demand video course

The most comprehensive Rust programming language course available on Udemy! Rust is the most loved programming language by developers over the past few years according to developer surveys. The Rust programming language is a highly sought after skill and is also one of the best paying skills in the industry. Rust does not sacrifice speed for memory management like many languages do, but Rust ensures memory safety unlike languages like C/C++. Rust’s compiler is going to handle a lot of the checking for you to ensure there is no undefined behaviors, dangling pointers, double-frees, etc. With these added benefits comes a little bit more restriction and it will take some time to get used to it, but by the end of this course you will have started at the basics of programming and journeyed all the way to being an expert in Rust!

What you’ll learn

  • Fundamentals of programming including: functions, structs, enums, pattern matching, iterators, closures, smart pointers, concurrency, and more
  • Learn memory management and understand ownership, references, borrowing, and how Rust makes your code safe
  • Build small applications to be able to piece together concepts
  • Learn how to test your code

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