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The Complete Carbon Programming Course

Get excited about the new Google programming language!!

Created by Codestars, John P. Baugh | 3 hours on-demand video course

Carbon is a new, experimental programming language from Google that is designed to build on and and be compatible with C++. Designed as a successor language to C++, Carbon looks to advance C++ in the same way that Typescript updated JavaScript and Kotlin improved areas of Java. To be clear though, this language is still very young and experimental, and is still not at the point for general SW dev.

So why should students explore Carbon now?

  • Learn about language design
  • See how we are tackling specific challenges
  • Learn about compiler design
  • Learn about tooling beyond compilers
  • The language will be familiar to anyone with some knowledge of C++
  • This is the cutting edge! Carbon is still an experimental language that’s growing, so users have the chance to contribute to and feedback about it to Google!
  • ‘Carbon … is a promising alternative for C and C++ for systems programming, and for Rust for safety and performance’

This 3 hour course is a brilliant introduction to Carbon and, as the language develops, so will this course! A v1 version of the language is expected in 2024, and Codestars will be adding more updates and new content as and when the language expands further.

At the end of each section is a Section Project which draws together everything you’ve learnt in the section. The three section projects are a great way to practice what you’ve learnt, and test yourself with a challenge! This course is for anyone new to Carbon, or programmers who are interested in tackling a new experimental language from the ground up.

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