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ROS2 for Beginners Level 2 – TF | URDF | RViz | Gazebo

Understand TFs, Design a custom robot with URDF, Simulate the robot in Gazebo – Your Next Step with ROS 2.

Created by Edouard Renard | 9 hours on-demand video course

You have learned ROS2 basics and want to go to the next step? You want to design a custom application for a robot? And maybe also create a simulation for the robot? Or, you are already working on this, but you feel lost with TF, URDF and Gazebo? This ROS2 for Beginners Level 2 course is for you. At the end of the course you will be able to design a custom robot with ROS 2, and run this robot in a simulated world.

Why this ROS2 for Beginners Level 2 – TF | URDF | RViz | Gazebo course? I have designed myself a ROS application for a custom robot, while working on a startup project. And I started like everybody, as a beginner. Not only learning ROS2 basics was hard, but then when adding TF, URDF, and Gazebo, it seemed impossible. It actually took me a few months/years to really be comfortable with those. When you look at the existing online resources, it’s very hard to find any process that explains in simple terms how to start from scratch and build a project.

That’s why I’ve created this ROS2 for Beginners Level 2 course, so you can benefit from my years of experience with ROS. I made the course I wish I had when I got started. My goal is to make you save tons of hours and frustration, by giving you a step by step approach, with a real project that we do together, from beginning to end.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what TF (TransForm) is and why we need it
  • Create a URDF for any robot (ex: mobile base, robotic arm)
  • Simulate and control your robot in Gazebo
  • Add Links, Joints, Collisions, Inertia tags in the URDF file
  • Understand how to correctly specify links and joints origin
  • Use Gazebo plugins to simulate the hardware control of the robot
  • Improve and clean up the URDF with Xacro (properties, macros)
  • Learn how to use the Robot State Publisher node to publish TF
  • Visualize TFs with RViz
  • Create XML and Python launch files
  • Save and reuse a RViz config in a launch file
  • Create a world in Gazebo
  • Add a sensor in Gazebo
  • Make your robot spawn in a custom Gazebo world
  • Learn best practices right from the start
  • Practice with additional activities and projects

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