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MV Design Pattern in iOS – Build SwiftUI Apps Apple’s Way

Harness the power of SwiftUI framework and start building amazing apps!

Created by Mohammad Azam | 7 hours on-demand video course

MVVM is the default pattern when building SwiftUI applications. I have been personally using the MVVM pattern since the inception of SwiftUI in 2022. After building hundreds of demos and prototypes, I started to notice issues with using MVVM patterns for SwiftUI applications. These issues resulted in adding needless complexity and constantly fighting the SwiftUI framework. In this course, I will explain a different pattern for building SwiftUI apps. This pattern is used by Apple to build their SwiftUI applications. The pattern is called the MV pattern, where M stands for Model and V is for View.

What you’ll learn

  • Writing SwiftUI apps using MV pattern
  • Learn to build SwiftUI apps based on Apple’s recommendations
  • Learn how MVVM might be adding unnecessary code to your SwiftUI apps
  • Learn to write end-to-end tests for your application
  • Apply MV pattern for client/server applications
  • Learn to build Core Data apps and @FetchRequest and @Environment property wrappers

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