Modern Redis and Redis Stack Unleashed Udemy coupons

Modern Redis and Redis Stack Unleashed

Today’s Redis is more than a cache! Learn how Redis Stack can replace NoSQL, Elasticsearch, Neo4j, Kafka, and more

Created by Frank Kane, Sundog Education Team | 2 hours on-demand video course

You can avoid vendor lock-in with your cloud services by using the Redis Stack. Redis has become much more than just a distributed cache; its new Redis Modules architecture runs on any cloud provider and enables true multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments. Using Redis, you can distribute systems across many cloud providers, making you immune to outages in any one of them. Redis Modules, Redis Cloud, and Redis Enterprise are important new technologies to know about when designing your cloud computing architecture. This compact course wastes no time! You’ll learn by doing, using Redis Stack with a real e-commerce data set to.

What you’ll learn

  • Cache key/value data with Redis
  • Store persistent JSON data with RedisJSON
  • Query JSON data with RediSearch
  • Interface with structured data in Python with Redis OM
  • Deploy Redis Cloud to AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure
  • Analyze time series data with RedisTimeSeries
  • Create a real-time multi-cloud service environment with Redis Cloud Enterprise
  • Generate real-time recommendations with RedisGraph
  • Build a real-time leaderboard with RedisBloom

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