Mastering dbt (Data Build Tool) - From Beginner to Pro Udemy Coupon

Mastering dbt (Data Build Tool) – From Beginner to Pro

Hands-on Analytics Engineering Bootcamp Including Theory, Building a dbt Project from Scratch, & Deploying to dbt Cloud

Created by Jack Colsey | 7 hours on-demand video course

A complete course to help anyone with basic SQL skills learn advanced dbt, a key tool for Analytics Engineering! Welcome to the 2023 Mastering dbt (data build tool) course! This course runs through everything from the theory behind dbt to building an advanced dbt project (from scratch) and deploying it on dbt Cloud.

I have over 7 years of experience across Analytics / Analytics Engineering / Data Science, including 4 years using dbt on a daily basis. I was also involved in the rollout of dbt in my time at Monzo Bank! In this course I’ve taken everything I’ve learnt over the past 4 years, and what I use on a daily basis, and condensed it to take anyone who knows SQL to an advanced level of dbt as quickly as possible.

What you’ll learn

  • How to build a complete dbt project from scratch
  • The main benefits of dbt, and a bit of background as to how it came about
  • All of the dbt fundamentals: sources, models, tests, documentation, snapshots, seeds, macros, hooks, and operations
  • How to structure a dbt project: staging, intermediate, and mart models – and naming conventions
  • How to version control changes to your code with GitHub and VSCode
  • Advanced dbt testing – creating your own custom singular & generic tests, setting severity, and setting warn/error thresholds
  • Advanced dbt data modelling – including incremental and ephemeral models and what type to use (& when)
  • Advanced dbt commands – how to use different selectors, different profiles, tags, indirect test selection and building a local dbt documents site
  • Advanced dbt jinja & macros – creating your own macros to use in hooks / functions / operations, using jinja for loops and variables, and the target function
  • How to deploy your project on dbt Cloud, how to use the dbt Cloud UI, and using environment variables
  • How to use tests & macros from external packages to supercharge your dbt project
  • Best practises to use when running a dbt project (based on lots of experience!)
  • How to create a complete setup for Mac or Windows: installing all of the tools and getting a dbt specific VSCode setup!

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