iOS 13 & Swift 5 RESTFul API Weather App with Alamofire 5 Udemy coupons

iOS 13 & Swift 5: RESTFul API Weather App with Alamofire 5

Learn REST API calls with Alamofire 5 by building a fully featured weather app with Swift 5, iOS 13 and XCode 11

Created by Kelvin Fok | 3 hours on-demand video course

Welcome to the RESTFul API Weather App with Alamofire 5 course. This course is designed for iOS developers with at least 6 to 9 months experience or web developers who want to learn to make network or RESTful APIs calls on the iOS platform. The lessons are designed to provide student the thought process and skillset required to make HTTPS calls with a secured API key via building a concise and fully functional weather app. In this course, students will also learn to build the views via the storyboard with auto layout and stack views. The project is built according to the MVC architecture which reinforces good coding practices such as the DRY principle, separation of concerns and keep code readable, neat and modular.

What you’ll learn

  • RESTful API calls
  • Obtain an API key from Open Weather Map
  • Alamofire 5 Response Decodable
  • Skeletonview animation
  • Get the current user’s coordinates via CoreLocation
  • Create custom LocalizedErrors
  • Handle 404 errors gracefully
  • Modal View Controller
  • Handle CLLocationManager authorization status
  • Form Validation
  • Protocols and Delegates
  • Write clean modular code
  • MVC App Architecture
  • Install 3rd party libraries via Cocoapods

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