The Complete SwiftUI Developer Course

The Complete SwiftUI Developer Course

Build real apps like WhatsApp Clone & Catch The Kenny game with SwiftUI and learn creating stunning user interfaces!

Created by Codestars by Rob Percival, Atil Samancioglu | 9 hours on-demand video course

Are you ready to learn about the latest revolutionary framework from Apple: SwiftUI!

If you are developing iOS with Swift you’ll likely have already heard of SwiftUI, because it’s about to the change the development industry. With SwiftUI you can build robust, stunning and efficient user interfaces like never before, and this version release can be considered as the biggest news since the release of Swift itself.

Within the next few years it is expected that we will see SwiftUI used in most Swift projects, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a freelance iOS developer or working for a huge company – you should definitely get a hold of this new technology asap and start using it in your projects! This is the right time!

This is a practical course for students who want to master SwiftUI quickly. Within this course students will…

  • Build real apps like WhatsApp clone, a Landmark Book app, anda Catch The Kenny game
  • Create stunning user interfaces for apps
  • Learn the theory AND put it in to practice in each lecture

Taught by the brilliant and highly regarded instructor Atil Samancioglu (4.7 instructor rating, 161k students taught to date!) as part of Codestars by Rob Percival. Without neglecting the theory, Atil ensures students focus on practicing what they learn – it really makes things easy! Plus all codes written in this course are shared with students via GitHub.

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