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Learn Git & GitHub Online – Beginner & Intermediate Concepts

Learn Git & GitHub – Basic & Intermediate Concepts: The Command Line, Git Version Control, GitHub Collaboration, & More!

Created by Todd McLeod | 8 hours on-demand video course

This course provides comprehensive coverage of both beginner and intermediate concepts in Git and GitHub, the cornerstones of today’s coding environment. Together we will start with the fundamentals, including working at the terminal, then move through beginner and intermediate topics in Git & GitHub. This will give you the skills you need to confidently use Git & GitHub in all situations. Taught by Todd McLeod, a professor with more than 25 years of experience, this course has been meticulously designed, revised, and perfected to make mastering Git and GitHub as simple as possible.

What you’ll learn

  • The Ultimate Git & GitHub Mastery Course – Core Concepts, Commands, and Collaboration – Branching Strategies and Mergers – From Beginners to Advanced Users
  • Taught by a best-selling Udemy author, Udemy Instructor Partner, & Tenured College Professor with 25 years of experience teaching people how to master coding
  • From fundamentals to advanced features, this training will give you a strong foundation in Git and GitHub: commands, branching, merges, pull requests and more
  • Presented in high-quality video lectures, this Git course will allow you to master Git and GitHub, making you skilled with version control for all projects
  • A comprehensive 56-page course outline is included in the course, along with lifetime access, allowing you to review material anytime and learn new updates
  • Hands-on exercises with video solutions, including all Git repository files, allow you to apply what you’re learning and grow your skills with Git and GitHub
  • Master using Git commands including git clone, git push, git pull, git merge, git fetch, git stash, git branch, git revert, git restore, git reset, and more
  • Included in the course are GitHub features like pull requests, forks, GitHub Actions, GitHub Pages, and managing issues and projects
  • Also included in the course: managing Git repositories, resolving conflicts, remote repositories, SSH authentication, hash algorithms, and git internals
  • Collaboration in GitHub is also covered, along with sharing code, working with collaborators, resolving merge conflicts, and working in VS Code
  • Fetching and integrating data from remote repositories is also covered, recovering deleted files, and pruning branches
  • An introduction to working at the terminal is also provided in the course to help beginners who are just getting started
  • Over 400,000 students taught, Lifetime course access, Hands-on exercises with solutions
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, Learn at your own pace, This course is tested and proven

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