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Exploring JavaScript – Scopes

Scope is one of the strongest pillar of JS & is essential to master advanced JS topics and code organisation skill.

Created by Meher Howji | 2 hours on-demand video course

JavaScript is that language that you need to know in order to build applications that work across the platforms and knowing about the JS from the point of the language specification is really important. In this course we will cover the most neglected topic in JavaScript which is scopes. The course is heavily inspired from the Chapter 8 of the ECMAScript Specification. Although the Chapter 8 of the spec talk about Execution context, Agents, Job, Executing Context Stack et al, however in this course we will stick closer to the lexical environment and its sub parts.

What you’ll learn

  • Deep understanding of JavaScript’s Scope System and the compilation phase of JS programs
  • How JS Scope is organised using function declaration, function expressions and blocks.
  • Why IIFE works the way it does, what hoisting really is and how can we effectively organise our code using the knowledge of scopes.

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