Crash Course Arduino and Microcontroller Development

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Crash Course Arduino and Microcontroller Development
Crash Course Arduino and Microcontroller Development

Learn the Fundamentals of Embedded Systems, Firmware and Programming

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Udemy Coupon Code for Crash Course Arduino and Microcontroller Development. Learn the Fundamentals of Embedded Systems, Firmware and Programming

Created by Andre LaMothe | 111.5 hours on-demand video course

Arduino and Microcontroller Development Course Overview

Crash Course Arduino and Microcontroller Development

Crash Course Arduino and Microcontroller Development is designed to transform the complex world of embedded engineering into an accessible and enjoyable experience for students and hobbyists alike. This unique course covers a wide range of topics from the ground up, requiring no impossible prerequisites. With over 128 lectures and 111+ hours of video content, my aim was to create a comprehensive guide that takes you from a novice to a confident master in embedded engineering, microcontrollers, and Arduino.

We will explore everything from basic electronics and microprocessor architecture to the intricacies of the Arduino platform, ARM, and programming. You’ll learn essential C/C++ programming skills to write your own code, optimize it, and understand advanced concepts like interrupts, data structures, multitasking, and object-oriented programming. Using simulators, compilers, IDEs, CAD, schematic entry programs, and various electrical test equipment, we will uncover the mysteries of communication protocols and signals, allowing you to see and understand the underlying processes.

Our journey will be hands-on and practical, with each lecture combining theory, calculations, and real-world examples. We’ll build simulations, construct physical hardware, test, and run our creations. This is not a scripted course but a genuine, one-on-one learning experience where I share my 40+ years of expertise in electronics and coding. Expect to have fun, learn deeply, and maybe even blow a few things up along the way!

Additionally, this course includes my college textbook, “Design Your Own Video Game Console” (aka “The Black Art of Video Game Console Design”), free of charge in PDF format. This 800+ page book will serve as a valuable reference throughout the course.

Join me in this exciting adventure into the world of embedded engineering and unlock your potential to create anything you can imagine.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn about microcontrollers, microprocessors and their internal architecture including how instructions are executed, ALUs, Buses, MMUs, DMA and more.
  • Master embedded engineering theory and pratice from blinking an LED to building complex systems with sensors, actuators and displays.
  • Learn the Arduino platform’s hardware, software and APIs as a working platform to bridge the gap to more complex systems like ARM later in the course.
  • Understand C/C++ from the ground up and how to write effective firmware for embedded systems and memory/compute constrained systems.
  • Learn how processors run at the bare metal level including inline and external assembly language programming and interfacing with C/C++.
  • Conquer advanced Computer Science subjects such as optimization theory, data structures, recursion, interrupts, and Big O analysis.
  • Explore multitasking on microcontrollers by developing an interrupt based-round-robin kernal as well as using FreeRTOS.
  • Become expert in numerous tools such as compilers, Arduino IDE, TinkerCAD, EasyEDA, Replit, VSCode, CodeLite, WokWi, Fritzing, MPLabX, STM32CubeIDE, and more.
  • Learn electronics fundamentals like Ohm’s and Kirchhoff’s laws, circuit analysis, how passive components work, transistors, and FETs.
  • Understand the basics of analog and digital systems and building both combinational and sequential logic circuits with TTL/CMOS ICs.
  • Overcome programmable logic and the fundamentals of CPLDs, PALs, GALs, and FPGAs along with a primer on hardware description languages and CUPL.
  • Understand various memories types such as FLASH, RAM, SRAM, EEPROM and their different applications.
  • Conquer power management and sleep modes and how to shut peripherals down in your embedded designs, wake from interrupts, and manage power effectively.
  • Understand how to read datasheets, do research, dig into APIs and documentation like the pros.
  • Discover simulation software to test your ideas and build systems virtually before committing to physical hardware.
  • Learn how to build embedded projects on the bench with solderless breadboards, point to point wiring and tactics to make these builds work at high speed.
  • Understand how to use test equipment properly such as digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and power supplies.
  • Build numerous bench projects including a complete Arduino based game console running a 3D wire-frame game, equipped with RGB LCD, game pad, sound and more!
  • Master one of the fastest growing and highest paid engineering fields in the world.

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Who this course is for

  • Anyone that wants to learn about the Arduino, Microcontrollers and Embedded Engineering.
  • Coders and programmers that want to explore the hardware side of development at the level of microcontrollers.
  • Hobbyists and hackers that want to learn about the “Arduino” platform, what it is, and how to use it to build projects, gadgets, and contraptions.
  • Students that want a single course that covers everything from the ground up, so by the end they can think of an embedded project, design, code, and build it with confidence.

Taught by Andre LaMothe

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