Building Web APIs with gRPC - The Complete Guide Udemy Coupons

Building Web APIs with gRPC – The Complete Guide

Become an expert in the most exciting web API framework with this practical, hands-on course

Created by Memi Lavi | 5.5 hours of video course

Web API is usually the most important part in a web app. This is how you expose your web app to the world, and to other users, and it must be fast, easy to use, and up-to-date. gRPC is one of the most advanced and exciting web APIs in the industry today, and it adds a lot of value to any web app. Capabilities such as server and client streaming, strongly-typed messages, blazing-fast performance and more make it an important asset in every developer and architect toolbox. And this practical, hands-on course will make you an expert in gRPC.

What you’ll learn

  • Basics of gRPC
  • How gRPC stacks against REST API
  • Using Protobuf to send messages between systems
  • The 4 communication types of gRPC
  • Error handling in gRPC
  • Implementing deadlines in gRPC
  • Implementing authorization and security in gRPC
  • Using gRPC in the browser

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