Building Medieval Worlds – Unreal Engine 5 Modular Kitbash

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Building Medieval Worlds - Unreal Engine 5 Modular Kitbash Udemy Coupon

Building Medieval Worlds – Unreal Engine 5 Modular Kitbash

Unreal Engine 5 Build your own fantasy world | Learn how to create your own RPG

Created by 3D Tudor | 22 hours on-demand video course

Are you a 3D modelling artist, game designer or developer looking for a 3D model kitbash that will leave your eyes throbbing with creative excitement? Join ‘Build Stunning Medieval Worlds with UE5’s Modular Kitbash’ to take your game design skills up a notch! Learn how to use Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) to optimise a modular kitbash that will take your skills to the next level.

Immerse yourself and your players in a medieval fantasy world complete with iconic shop windows, moving flags, banners, market stalls and cobbled streets! In a world where the boundaries between what is real or imagined are blurred by the ever-increasing skills of computer-generated imaging (CGI), we are giving you the power to create something HUGE!

A modular kitbash is a powerful tool in every 3D modeller’s or game designer’s toolbox. It helps you quickly and easily create intricate assets and environments using pieces based on a set of concrete variations. Use 250 modular kitbash parts to build ANY medieval city, castle village or town better, bigger, and with more detail than ever before! Graduate to the next level of game design by learning all about the Blender to Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) professional workflow for medieval modular set pieces.

What you’ll learn

  • Learning unique techniques for modular assets for stylized structures
  • Creating a functional water system with directional water flow and submergible boat assets
  • Building a fully functional open-world landscape material including distance, noise masking, and automatic material transitions
  • Assembling custom prop collections using blueprints to make your world alive
  • Learning how to create large-scale structures in open-world environments
  • Filling your world with animated, nanite-enabled foliage to enrich its nature side
  • Sculpting terrain and optimising thermal erosion and hydro erosion to add natural detail to a landscape
  • Creating (a) an automatic landscape based on a one-slope angle with mask height overlay, (b) castle tiles with rotation and scaling, and (c) landscape-painted
  • Learning about snapping, free transform techniques, and structure modification
  • Learning how to set up and generate for stairs to help your playable character interact better with the world
  • Setting up an asset pack that can be easily imported onto any Unreal Engine 5 project
  • Creating a dynamic light system using the addon blueprint
  • Maintaining and optimising medieval Europe aesthetics for a full medieval stronghold castle keep or city scene using an Unreal Engine 5 skybox
  • Complete the course which is going to be the first stepping-stone to creating your 3D world and RPG game environment

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Josh Smith
Josh Smith

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