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BigQuery ML – Machine Learning in Google Cloud with BigQuery

Create Machine Learning models in Google Cloud Big Query using standard SQL. Big query ML course for ML & Data engineers

Created by J Garg – Real Time Learning | 9.5 hours on-demand video course

“BigQuery ML lets you create and execute machine learning models in BigQuery using standard SQL queries.” Big Query ML is a blessing for engineers who want to work in Machine Learning domain but lack programming language like Python, R. With Big Query ML, they can use their existing SQL knowledge to build operational production-grade Machine learning models. After completing this course, you can confidently start creating production-grade Machine Learning models in Real-world corporate projects using BigQuery ML.

What you’ll learn

  • BigQuery ML – Learn Machine Learning in Google Cloud using BigQuery.
  • Learn to Train, Evaluate, Inference, Tune and Explain Machine leaning models using standard SQL with Big Query.
  • Theory + BigQuery ML implementation of many Machine learning algorithms.
  • Detailed theory for each of the ML algorithm with a Real-world example implementation in BigQuery ML.
  • Linear regression, Logistic regression, K-means clustering, Boosted Tree.
  • Deep neural networks, ARIMA+ Time series Forecasting, Matrix Factorization, PCA.
  • Hyperparameter tuning of models, Model Explainability functions, Feature pre-processing functions, model management operations in BigQuery ML.

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