AWS Networking Masterclass - Amazon VPC & Hybrid Cloud 2023 Udemy Coupon

AWS Networking Masterclass – Amazon VPC & Hybrid Cloud 2023

Hands-On AWS Networking Training – Beginner to Advanced: Amazon Virtual Private Cloud VPC, AWS VPN & AWS Direct Connect

Created by Neal Davis | AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Developer, Digital Cloud Training | AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Developer Associate | 7.5 hours on-demand video course

This AWS Networking Masterclass teaches you the fundamentals of AWS Networking and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) right through to advanced topics such as hybrid cloud deployments using AWS Direct Connect Gateway and AWS Transit Gateway. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge of Amazon VPC, Amazon EC2 networking, AWS VPN, AWS Direct Connect, AWS Transit Gateway, Elastic Load Balancing, AWS Global Accelerator and much more.

We use a highly visual and effective method of teaching cloud computing and AWS concepts using diagrams and animations (no bullet-point slides). There are lots of hands-on exercises using multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS) free tier accounts to give you practical experience of complex scenarios.

If you find networking a challenging topic, you’re far from alone. This course will help you master these topics and by the end of the course, you’ll have developed a strong, practical understanding that you can use in your job.

This course is also extremely useful if you are studying for AWS certifications such as the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional or the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty.

What you’ll learn

  • Deep Dive on Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) including IP CIDR, Subnets, Route Tables and Internet Gateways
  • Learn the fundamentals of networking including IPv4, IPv6, NAT, Routing & Switching, and the OSI Model
  • Learn how to protect resources with Security Groups and Network ACLs
  • Learn Amazon EC2 Networking including ENI, ENA, EFA
  • Learn Elastic Load Balancing with ALB and NLB
  • Learn how to inter-connect VPCs using VPC Peering
  • Learn how to access resources using VPC Endpoints
  • Learn how to connect clients and sites using Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections
  • Create hybrid architectures with Direct Connect Gateway and Transit Gateway
  • Learn how to use Amazon Route 53 for high availability and performance

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