Argo CD Essential Guide for End Users with Practice Udemy coupons

Argo CD Essential Guide for End Users with Practice

Learn Argo CD, the best GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes.

Created by Muhammad Abussa | 4.5 hours on-demand video course

Argo CD is one of the top GitOps continues delivery tools for Kubernetes in Cloud Native ecosystem nowadays. Argo CD implements GitOps Pull Model where it track any changes in source repos and sync/deploy the changes automatically into the destination clusters.

Why Argo CD. Application definitions, configurations, and environments should be declarative and version controlled. Application deployment and lifecycle management should be automated, auditable, and easy to understand. Git as the source of truth for your applications. Developer and DevOps engineer will update the Git code only. It will keep your Kubernetes destination clusters in sync with Git. we can achieve easy rollback. More security : Grant access to Kubernetes cluster to ArgoCD only and avoid granting CI systems or humans. Disaster recovery solution : You easily deploy the same applications to any Kubernetes cluster.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand Argo CD core concepts.
  • Create and manage applications using Argo CD declarativity and using UI.
  • Practice Argo CD CLI.
  • Explore and practice Argo CD syncing options, waves and phases.
  • Generate applications using Argo CD application-set.
  • How to integrate with CI systems.
  • We will explore common best practices and recommendations

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