A Complete Guide to the JAMstack and React E-Commerce Udemy coupons

A Complete Guide to the JAMstack and React E-Commerce

Master next-generation full stack architecture: best speed, security, and scalability with React, Gatsby, and Strapi.

Created by Zachary Reece | 79 hours on-demand video course

Get ready to build the most modern, comprehensive, feature-rich, full stack e-commerce platform in any online course! By the end of this course, you’ll be completely confident in building large applications with complex functionality all on your own. With over 75 hours of content across more than 475 lectures, this is a complete full stack masterclass! I’ll be teaching you everything there is to know about building powerful full stack applications from scratch based on the next-generation JAMstack architecture.

What you’ll learn

  • Create cutting-edge full stack applications while enhancing your developer experience using the JAMstack
  • Implement a comprehensive e-commerce architecture with real-time inventory, favorites, reviews, and subscriptions
  • Streamline performance, security, and accessibility plus programmatically create pages with our static site generator Gatsby
  • Easily manage content and automatically serve it through an API to drastically simplify backend development with our headless CMS Strapi
  • Serve customers with a completely custom cart and checkout system powered by Stripe, allowing users to save payment methods and access order history
  • Integrate a JWT authentication workflow with sign up/login, forgot/reset password, and social media integration
  • Adopt modern React best practices by using functional components, React Hooks, and the React Context API
  • Leverage the power of GraphQL with native support from both Strapi and Gatsby to seamlessly interact with backend data
  • Deploy our project from development to a live production application on AWS and Netlify
  • Breathe life into your applications by adding animations with react-spring & react-lottie
  • Extend your reach and enhance performance with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and powerful, automatic Image Optimization
  • Access components from a vast component library, apply a powerful JSS styling solution, consolidate common styles in a theme, and adjust your styles and layouts based on screen size with responsive design – all using Material-UI

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