Wi-Fi Hacking and Wireless Penetration Testing Course Udemy coupons

Wi-Fi Hacking and Wireless Penetration Testing Course

Learn how to hack Wi-Fi from real-world penetration tester! WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPS Cracking, Wifi Recon & Password cracking

Created by Muharrem AYDIN, Fatih YILMAZ | 4 hours on-demand video course

Welcome to my Wi-Fi Hacking and Penetration Testing. Ethical hacking is a whole new technology in itself. The techniques of hacking are rapidly growing in numbers with hackers every day coming up with new ideas to steal our personal data. One such widely preferred ways of hacking is Wi-Fi hacking.

Wi-Fi hacking is easier than hacking a device connected to that WiFi. There are many free tools that can hack the less secure WiFi router. Apart from this, there are also advanced tools that work on backtrack and can even hack Wi-Fi router with high security.

In this course, you will learn how to crack the key and get the password to WiFi networks whether they use WEP, WPA, or even WPA2. While you are learning ethically hack you will also learn how to secure networks from hackers.

What you’ll learn

  • Setting Up The Laboratory
  • Install Kali Linux – a penetration testing operating system
  • Wi-Fi Adapter Settings
  • Wi-Fi Network Fundamentals,IEEE 802.11
  • Basic Terminologies & Concepts
  • Wireless Operating Modes : Ad-hoc, Infrastructure, Monitor modes.
  • Wireless Packet Types
  • MAC Frame Structure
  • Analysing Packet Types with Wireshark
  • Wi-Fi Network Interaction, Authentication Methods
  • WEP vs WPA/WPA2
  • WPA2 4-Way Handshake
  • WPA Personal and Enterprise
  • Wireless Reconnaissance with Bettercap
  • Wardriving with Kismet, Mapping with Google Earth
  • Rogue Access Points with Airbase-ng, Wifi Pumpkin 3, Fluxion
  • Handshake Snooper and Captive Portal Attack with Fluxion
  • Evil Twin Attack
  • WEP Cracking with Client and Clientless Networks
  • Fake Authentication Attack
  • Deauthentication Attack with Bettercap
  • ARP Request Replay Attack
  • Fragmentation Attack
  • ChopChop Attack
  • Cracking WPA/WPA2 with Aircrack-ng, John The Ripper, Cowpatty, Wifite 2
  • Passwordlists
  • WPA/WPA2 Cracking using GPUs with Hashcat
  • Key Reinstallation Attacks (KRACK)
  • WPS PIN Attacks

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