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WebServices/API Testing by SoapUI & ReadyAPI – Groovy |30+hr

Detailed Groovy + Certification Coverage + Soapui tutorial, Rest API Testing, Soap UI Free & Pro

Created by Automation World | 31 hours of video course

The only course in the Web World with 2 real time project of Webservices/API automation using SoapUI Tool. Only course on web which cover almost all advance topics, Xpath Assertion, XQuery Assertion, Handling CData, TestRunner object, MessageExchange Object, XML Holder, JSON Parser, Certification preparation, HTML Monitoring, Integration with ANT and Jenkins

On course completion You will be Expert in SOAP/ REST API Testing and can implement Successfully it in your work place. Course is designed in such a way that the user does not required to have any prior understanding of groovy and SoapUI

What you’ll learn

  • Ready to work on real time Soap & REST API automation project
  • Able to implement SoapUI on your work place or will also get ready for High Paying API Testing Opportunity
  • Detailed understanding of WebServices/ API and its automation using SoapUI
  • Detailed understanding of Groovy Scripting and its implementation in SoapUI
  • Ready to work in SoapUI Free as well as Pro Version
  • Ready to develop reusable & maintainable framework for API Automation

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