Vue 3 incl. Router, VueX, Composition API & Firebase Udemy coupons

Vue 3 incl. Router, VueX, Composition API & Firebase

Learn Vue 3 the right way, includes Router, VueX, Composition API, Firebase and many projects!

Created by Piotr Jura | 15.5 hours on-demand video course

Learn one of the most essential skills in 2022 and beyond – the Vue Framework! This course will take you from a complete beginner to a Vue master in a short amount of time!

The course covers:

  • Vue basics (app instance, templates, conditional rendering, loops, directives, form input binding, reactivity)
  • Components (component communication, props, events emitting, custom v-model directive, slots)
  • Single File Components (Vue CLI, build step)
  • Vue Router (creating routes, creating links, named routes, parameters, catch-all routes, programmatic navigation, route params as props, repeatable params, redirects, aliases, nested routes, navigation guards)
  • VueX and Shared State Management (mutations, actions, getters, VueX modules, VueX namespacing, VueX plugins, VueX helper functions)
  • Composition API (How to convert from Options API to Composition API, complete Composition API introduction including all-new functions, composables, the Script Setup, Vite)
  • Firebase (Firestore database, managing documents, and collections, Firestore transactions, real-time queries & updates, Firebase Authentication and security rules)
  • Deploying your app to Firebase hosting

The course is full of diagrams to explain more complicated topics, but generally, it’s mostly hands-on – with code written on the screen.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the fundamentals of Vue
  • Building Single Page Applications and understanding routing
  • Build bigger applications with VueX
  • Learning the all-new Composition API
  • Understand how to build small components and big applications with Vue
  • Build real life application projects with backend and authentication, and deploy them on the web!

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