Learn Game Artificial Intelligence in Unity Visual Scripting Udemy Coupons

Learn Game Artificial Intelligence in Unity Visual Scripting

Bring your games to life without coding by building artificial intelligence algorithms with Visual Scripting tools.

Created by Penny de Byl, Jim Walsh, Penny @Holistic3D.com | 6 hours on-demand video course

Strap yourself in: Programming Artificial Intelligence is about to click! Since making the official tutorials for Bolt on Unity’s Learn Site, creating this course has been a dream of mine. In collaboration with Holistic3D, I took Penny’s quintessential C# tutorial series The Beginner’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence and adapted it to *drumroll*… Unity Visual Scripting!

In this course, you’re getting the best of both worlds: Learning content from a renowned expert on AI and computer science remixed, reconfigured, and riffed on by a creative artist and designer who has helped thousands learn visual scripting from the early years to today… that’s me! Through an open-ended, practice based approach you will follow along as each step is revealed for you to recreate two game worlds created with Unity 2021.3.9

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Visual Scripting from the original Bolt YouTuber
  • Become a wizard of timing and rotating things in Unity
  • Create 3D worlds with robots ghosts and cute ducks
  • Make a city and action game prototype: sandboxes to forever support your learning and dream games
  • Game AI for enemies and friends
  • Best practices for architecture and performance

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