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TornadoFX – Build JavaFX Applications With Kotlin

Build JavaFX Applications with TornadoFX – A Lightweight JavaFX Framework for Kotlin

Created by Paulo Dichone | Android, Java, Flutter Developer and Teacher | 9 hours on-demand video course

TornadoFX, a lightweight JavaFX framework for Kotlin, simplifies JavaFX development by abstracting out all of the verbose, hard-to-maintain Java code. TornadoFX, powered by the statically typed JVM language (Kotlin), makes it a breeze to build rich, feature-packed user interfaces. Also, TornadoFX minimizes, greatly, the amount of code needed to build JavaFX applications making the codebase easy to maintain and extend. Learning TornadoFX is going to allow you to start giving more value to your company, institution or business, as you’ll be creating “in-house” software in no time. Don’t overthink it. Just enroll and start learning TornadoFX – the next level of crafting maintainable, clutter-free JavaFX UI heavy desktop Applications!

What you’ll learn

  • Leverage JavaFX libraries by Using TornadoFX – a Kotlin Library for Building JavaFX Applications
  • TornadoFX – JavaFX Framework for Kotlin
  • Create Beautiful and Maintainable JavaFX Applications with TornadoFX
  • Build Rich “In-House” Business Desktop Applications with TornadoFX

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