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The Ultimate Apache Tomcat Training Course: All In One

This course takes you from A to Z in logical stages, covering all the essentials of Tomcat to building your own servers.

Created by Martin Gonzales | 7 hours on-demand video course

The Apache Tomcat server is an open source, Java-based web application container that was created to run servlet and JavaServer Pages (JSP) web applications. It was created under the Apache-Jakarta subproject. However, due to its popularity, it is now hosted as a separate Apache project, where it is supported and enhanced by a group of volunteers from the open source Java community. A web server is, of course, a program that dishes out web pages in response to requests from, for example, a user sitting at a web browser. But web servers aren’t limited to serving up static HTML pages; they can also run programs in response to user requests and return the dynamic results to the user’s browser.

This course follows a practical approach to teach installing, configuring, and maintaining Tomcat. It helps you to understand the middle architecture for hosting multiple websites and also provides the confidence to implement middleware support. It imparts to you the capacity to resolve migration issues and also provides regular maintenance solutions. You will encounter various structural components such as the Server and Service; containers such as the Engine, Host, Context, and Wrapper; and helpers such as the Loader, Manager, and Valve. You will also see how Tomcat implements the JNDI API to provide both a directory service for storage agnostic access to its resources, as well as a naming service that implements the Java EE Environment Naming Context.

What you’ll learn

  • Apache Tomcat Installation
  • Learn how to configure Tomcat, including realms, roles, users, servlet sessions
  • Learn and Understand JNDI resources including JDBC DataSources
  • Deploying web applications-individual servlets
  • Tuning Tomcat to measure and improve performance
  • Integrating Tomcat with Apache Web Server
  • Learn how to secure Apache Tomcat
  • Tomcat configuration files-server xml and web xml

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