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The Complete Python Course: Build 10 OOP Applications

Become a Python developer by learning Python the professional OOP way! Includes Git, APIs, design principles, and more!

Created by Ardit Sulce | 26 hours on-demand video course

On successful completion of the course, you will be able to write complete real-world Python programs in the professional object-oriented programming (OOP) style, which allows you to start your programmer career. All professional Python programmers write programs the OOP way because it is easier to develop large applications that way. Even if you are a total beginner, this course will make you a competent Python programmer able to write professional, scalable programs in the ultimate OOP paradigm!

The course follows a practical approach where students learn by actively problem-solving towards the tangible goal of creating real-world Python programs. You will build ten real-world Python programs using the object-oriented programming (OOP) paradigm.

Apart from learning Python, in this course, students also learn to use all the necessary tools and techniques to become a professional Python programmer. These are Git and GitHub, debuggers, software design principles, writing highly organized code, code planning, code refactoring, SQL databases, and more.

What you’ll learn

  • Become a Python programmer even if you never programmed before.
  • Be able to build any program you want in Python.
  • Become a master of the OOP way of programming in Python.
  • Master all other necessary programmimg tools.
  • Build 10 real-world Python programs the OOP way.
  • Complete three major Python projects.
  • Learn how to plan your Python programs before writing them.
  • Write highly organized modular code.
  • Learn and apply software design principles when programming in Python.
  • Learn to troubleshoot code issues using debuggers.
  • Learn to use Git to track your code changes.
  • Get a deep understanding of how Python works under the hood.
  • Learn to polish your Python programs to make them ready for users to use.
  • Create weather forecast web maps with Python.
  • Generate PDF reports.
  • Create and manipulate images.
  • Control your computer and mobile camera.
  • Take photos from the computer or the mobile camera with Python and upload them to cloud services.
  • Build interactive web apps.
  • Send daily news by email and schedule automatic emails.
  • Build Python REST APIs.
  • Work with SQL databases.
  • Extract data via web scraping.
  • Learn to create desktop GUI programs.
  • Learn to create mobile apps.
  • Learn advanced core Python concepts such as class methods, static methods, abstract classes, etc.
  • Learn code refactoring.
  • Learn the PEP8 Style Guide for Python code.
  • Learn to create Python packages.

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