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The Complete Salesforce Certified Administrator Course

225 New Lessons Added! Includes Practice Test and ChatGPT Prompt Library – Most In-Depth and Current Admin Course Here!

Created by Mike Wheeler, Aaron Wheeler, Evan Wheeler, Ezekiel Wheeler, Mike Wheeler Media | 39.5 hours on-demand video course

140 NEW Video Lessons Added April, 2023 and 85 NEW Video Lesson Added May, 2023! This Salesforce Certification Course and Instructor were recently featured in InfoWorld! The Complete Salesforce Administrator Certification Course is for anyone interested in passing the Administrator Certification exam. This course is designed with the new Salesforce administrator in mind. I cover each section of the Administrator Study Guide in-depth, giving examples in the interface, as well as hands-on experience so you can apply the concepts you are learning.

This course includes a ChatGPT Prompt Library. You can copy and paste all of the prompts I use inside this course into your own free ChatGPT account. This ChatGPT Prompt Library will help you to learn the now in-demand skills for Prompt Engineering and Design! With the power of ChatGPT you can now do amazing things such as creating apex code to mass update records, create formula fields, validation rules, and so much more. You will now find new knowledge area sections in the front of this course where I use ChatGPT to show you how to create Practice Tests, Study Guides, Flashcards and many more study aids.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand all of the core concepts on the exam in order to pass the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam
  • Administer Salesforce Like a Pro
  • Deploy Salesforce Lightning Experience
  • Roll Out Salesforce Mobile
  • Salesforce Lightning
  • Learn from an Experienced Salesforce Professional
  • Learn how to use ChatGPT to enhance your learning experience
  • Use ChatGPT to create practice test questions and analyze Trailhead resources

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