The Complete React Bootcamp 2021 Udemy coupons

The Complete React Bootcamp 2021 (w/ React Hooks, Firebase)

Become an advanced ReactJS developer, build and deploy three production-ready apps with React, React Hooks, and NodeJS.

Created by Arash Ahadzadeh, Andrew Hulenko | 16.5 hours on-demand video course

Created with up-to-date versions of React, React Hooks, Node.js, JavaScript, and Firebase. This course is about React – a library that helps developers to create user interfaces on the web. But React is not limited only to user interfaces, there is much more to that. Have you ever wondered how Facebook, Twitter, or Netflix websites are built and why they don’t feel like websites at all? React can answer all of that. In this course, we show how to create mobile-feel-like websites (Single Page Apps) where React is the foundation.

What you’ll learn

  • Build and deploy responsive and production-ready React apps from scratch
  • Setup and develop a React app with firebase (cloud functions, cloud messaging, realtime database, storage, auth)
  • Master React Hooks and latest React syntax
  • Master state management with React Hooks and Context API
  • Learn and practice bleeding-edge JavaScript (ES2020)

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