Learn SvelteKit while Building a Blog - Frontend Coding Udemy coupons

Learn SvelteKit while Building a Blog – Frontend Coding

Add a new and upcoming Frontend Framework to your toolbelt!

Created by Barry Michael Doyle | 3 hours on-demand video course

This is a course designed to take you from zero experience with SvelteKit to a level where you will be comfortable building basic applications using the new skills that you will learn in the course. After you’re done you should be able to build your own multi-page websites using SvelteKit. We assume you have a basic understanding and experience in working with the languages mentioned about. You will learn best practices of SvelteKit as we build a blog website throughout the course.

This course focusses purely on the Front End development aspect of SvelteKit. There will be server side concepts demonstrated in the course and how to deal with the intricacies that come up there. However the goal is to build fast lightweight static webpage with ease using the SvelteKit framework.

What you’ll learn

  • Start New Svelte Projects From Scratch
  • Implement Routing in Svelte
  • Display Markdown Files Using MDSVEX
  • Build Web Applications With Layouts
  • Implement Svelte Transitions Elegantly

Recommended Course

Svelte.js – The Complete Guide (incl. Sapper.js)

Svelte with Test Driven Development

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