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Svelte with Test Driven Development

Learn Svelte by applying test driven development (using jest, testing-library/svelte)

Created by Bassar Buyukkahrahman | 15 hours on-demand video course

The frontend world is having very popular frameworks which are heavily used in most of the applications. But Svelte is joining this competition by bringing lots of cool, developer friendly features. After practicing svelte, it will be hard to go back and work with other frameworks. You will be amazed when you see how much you can do with less code. In this course we will be learning Svelte by creating a web application with it. Also we will apply test driven development (TDD) methodology from beginning to the end.

What you’ll learn

  • Build application with Svelte
  • Build an application with multiple language support
  • Build an application with client side routing
  • Practice Test Driven Development in a complete project from beginning to the end.
  • Learn the test runner, Jest and understand how to structure test modules
  • How to mock external dependencies in testing.
  • Feel how the test driven development is giving confidence when refactoring your application.
  • Store, actions, reactive declarations etc.

Recommended Course

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