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Software Architecture & System Design Practical Case Studies

Design Real-life Large Scale Systems, Practice Modern Software Architecture & Prepare for a System Design Interview

Created by Michael Pogrebinsky | Software Architecture & Java Programming Expert, Top Developer Academy | 4 hours on-demand video course

Do you want to gain real-life experience in modern Software Architecture and the design of Large Scale Systems? Are you preparing for a System Design Interview and want to guarantee your success? You came to the right place! This course is a unique collection of Large Scale System Design Case Studies similar to real systems run by companies like Google, Amazon, Netflix, Meta, Slack, etc.

In each case study, we will:

  • Start with an ambiguous, high-level requirement to design and architect a brand new, real-life system.
  • Follow a methodical, step-by-step system design process.
  • Apply Industry-Proven Software Architecture techniques and patterns successfully used by top tech companies.
  • Finish with a set of software architecture diagrams, well-defined technical requirements, and API.

Throughout the course, you will practice how to design and architect complex, large-scale systems that scale to millions of users and handle petabytes of data daily. All the case studies were carefully picked to practice a wide range of software architecture techniques and patterns, which you can later apply to your projects or System Design Interviews.

What you’ll learn

  • Apply Industry-Proven Software Architecture Patterns
  • Design Highly Scalable, Fault Tolerant and Performant Systems
  • Practice the System Design Process for your a System Design Interview
  • Gain Invaluable Experience Architecting Real-life, Large Scale Systems
  • Become a Software Architect or Technical Lead or Expect at your Company

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