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Advanced Java Challenge – Interview Practice Tests

Prepare for your Java Interview with 100+ questions. Practice Generics, Streams, Recursion, Memory Management and more

Created by Michael Pogrebinsky | Software Architecture & Java Programming Expert | 6 practice tests course

Welcome to the most comprehensive online practice experience to elevate your Java skills and become a true Expert in Java. This Course is for You If: You are preparing for a Mid-Level / Senior Java Developer Job Interview, You want to practice Java and take your skills to an Advanced / Expert level.

Why Practice Java? Java is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages. It is also the language of choice in many top tech companies, such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, and others. However, many Java developers, even those with several years of experience, have knowledge gaps and often struggle during Job Interviews.

Types of Java Interview Questions As a Java Developer, you may find Java questions in different interview formats, including:

Online Java Knowledge-Based Assessments – Those timed and automatically graded tests have been increasingly common to eliminate weaker candidates and allow only a small number of Java Engineers to pass to the next round. However, don’t be fooled. The questions in such Java assessments will challenge even the most experienced Java Developers, and that is why preparing in advance is an absolute must.

Online / In-Person Interview – Your knowledge of Java can be assessed during an in-person interview, either directly through open-ended questions or indirectly by watching you solve a seemingly easy coding question in real-time. Unsuspecting candidates will never know how well they perform and sometimes do not even know that their Java skills are being assessed. But showing you have strong practical knowledge of Java will give you a competitive edge over any other candidate.

Take Home Java Projects – Many hiring managers understand that just performing well at a Job Interview doesn’t guarantee that the candidate has good practical skills. So frequently, companies include a take-home project as part of their multi-round interview process. If you are asked to do such a project, it’s the perfect place to demonstrate the use of the right classes and advanced features like Generics, as well as showing that memory management and efficiency are on your mind. If you do well in this stage, the next rounds are often just formalities, and the hiring manager has already decided on this project. So it’s important to bring your A game, in terms of Java, to the table.

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