REST Assured API Automation + Framework From Zero to Hero! Udemy coupons

REST Assured API Automation + Framework: From Zero to Hero!

Master REST Assured with Live Examples, Design Production Level Framework & Become REST API Automation Expert!

Created by Omprakash Chavan | 23 hours on-demand video course

REST Assured API is one of the most popular library when it comes to automating the REST APIs. Most of the today’s web applications are backed by the Micro services architecture and the REST APIs. Make no mistake, REST is gaining a lot of popularity amongst the developer community.

As a QA engineer, it becomes very important to test the REST APIs as a working API is crucial for a product. With great adoption of OAuth 2.0 and Open ID Connect authentication mechanisms, it also becomes important to build an in-depth understanding of these authentication mechanisms.

What you’ll learn

  • Become an Expert in REST API automation using REST Assured
  • Become confident and lead the API Automation effort in your project from scratch
  • In-depth understanding of REST Assured Fundamentals from scratch
  • OAuth2.0 Live Examples – Google and Spotify API
  • Serialization & De-serialization with Complex POJOs [Live practice]
  • Design and build a production ready API automation framework step-by-step
  • Rest API Authentication Mechanisms with Live Examples
  • Learn how to use POSTMAN for REST API Execution
  • Learn how to Automate POSTMAN APIs using REST Assured
  • Learn how to mock REST APIs using POSTMAN Mock Server
  • Learn about Jackson Databind API [Annotations, Serialization and De-serialization]
  • Learn basics of TestNG, Maven, Jenkins, Git
  • Learn Allure Reporting and generate feature rich reports
  • Learn how to use Lombok to greatly reduce Boiler plate code
  • Confidently work with complex JSONs in request and responses
  • How to match full JSON body using Jackson and JSON Assert libraries
  • Automate session/Form based authentication + CSRF token using a demo application
  • Hamcrest Assertions
  • Automating tests using both the BDD and non-BDD styles
  • Java Programming Basics
  • Learn how to write clean test cases by following most of the industry best practices
  • Learn how to integrate the framework with GitHub
  • Learn how to auto-trigger automation from Jenkins using GitHub Web Hooks, SCM Polling and Build Frequency

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