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Red Team Ethical Hacking – Intermediate

Intermediate level concepts and tactics of Red Team Post Exploitation on a Windows Domain

Created by Chris Sikes | 4 hours on-demand video course

Acquire the knowledge to become a skilled Red Team operator on Windows Domains. Learn intermediate level Post-Exploitation tactics on Windows Domains such as lateral movement, effect development, persistence, process injection, evasion, and much more!

This course will teach you a general range of Red Team knowledge, with a wide range of lectures and hands on demos! With over 40 lectures and over 3 hours of video this course will get you the baseline knowledge for becoming Red Team professional. There’s a wide array of TTP (tactic, technique, and procedure) practical demos that you can follow on your own Windows lab environment. ** Enhance your professional Red Team skills, or become a more knowledgeable security defender!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn intermediate level Red Team Windows tactics
  • Advanced Windows commands
  • Learn intermediate level Red Team Ethical Hacking topics
  • Hands-on Red Team tactic, technique, and procedure (TTP) demos

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