Python API Programming with FastAPI and Flask Udemy coupons

Python API Programming with FastAPI and Flask

The Complete FastAPI Course With Python

Created by Martin Yanev | 4.5 hours on-demand video course

Learn how to build APIs from scratch using the Python based libraries Flask and FastAPI. You will build plenty of applications and tools such as word dictionary and a google search page based solely on API obtained data. The course assumes no prior programming experience. We will provide you with two introductory sections for Python where you will learn all the basics before moving to the API building lessons. API stands for Application Programming Interface, a software-to-software interface that enables two applications to exchange data among each other.

What you’ll learn

  • Deep understanding about what an API is
  • JSON and XML file structures
  • API Design Patterns
  • Building Dictionary APIs with Flask
  • Using Python and VSCode to Design APIs
  • Create Google Search Interface with APIs
  • Get Started with FastAPI
  • Build Image Filter with FastAPI

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