Practical Industrial Control System Penetration Testing Udemy Coupon

Practical Industrial Control System Penetration Testing

PICSPT – Your practical and offensive workshop for newcomers to ICS/OT Security 2023

Created by Marcel Rick-Cen | 2 hours on-demand video course

Hacking ICS/OT on shodan or in your own company? Better not! I believe that the best way to learn is with practical experience. OT Security is a new and important skill for all technicians and engineers working on industrial control systems. There are quite a few open source tools that can be used to investigate the cyber security of industrial control systems, but unfortunately there is no suitable training opportunity.

For learners of IT pentesting, there are plenty of opportunities like HackTheBox or VulnHub, where pentest tools and hacking skills can be tried out. Training platforms with ICS focus either don’t exist or come in the form of a boring seminar with over 1000€ participation fee.

In this workshop you will learn important pentest tools from Kali and open source tools and you can try them out in 6 interactive simulations of industrial controllers. Of course the simulations are not perfect, so I will show you the tools and techniques on two real PLCs.

The workshop has a high practical part and encourages you to participate! There are more than 30 exciting tasks waiting for you, with which you can deepen your skills bit by bit!

What you’ll learn

  • Show your pentest skills on 6 interactive industrial controller simulations
  • Build your own ICS pentest platform with open source tools
  • NO exploits, privilege escalation nor root shells
  • Learn the typical attack surfaces of an ICS
  • Workshop with high practical part with more than 30 tasks

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